LWLA Partnership With Five Local Restaurants

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In an effort to promote healthier lifestyles in the Atchison community, Live Well. Live Atchison. is excited to announce their partnership with five local restaurants to provide healthier food options when dining out. The five participating restaurants are Jerry’s Again, Paolucci’s, Pepper Mill & Co., Pete’s Steakhouse, and Snowball. Each of these locations has met with Merri Leach, dietitian and director of food services at Atchison Hospital to determine which foods are lower in fat and calories. To help customers identify these foods, the Live Well. Live Atchison. logo will be placed next to the item. 

If you are eating out at Jerry’s Again, try their Oriental Chicken Salad, served with grilled chicken and a small amount of dressing. Pepper Mill & Co. offer the Veggie Platter, which is an assortment of steamed vegetables served with a ranch dressing. Snowball offers a Grilled Chicken Sandwich on Sourdough bread, but remembers to go light on the ranch dressing. Pete’s Steakhouse offers a Grilled Salmon Dinner, served with a baked potato, light on the margarine and sour cream. Paolucci’s offers a Soup and Salad Combo, which includes a tossed salad and a cup of soup. 


Whether you are eating at one of these five restaurants or any other restaurant, some general tips to help reduce your calorie and fat intake include: 

  1. Ask your server for a salad or fresh fruit in place of the French fries. 
  2. Ask for half your meal to be put in a to-go container before your meal is brought to you. 
  3. Ask for salad dressings and sauces on the side, and dip your fork into these, rather than pouring over the salad or foods. 
  4. Order sandwiches without cheese, bacon, and mayonnaise, but instead, ask if you can have extra lettuce, tomato, onion for flavor. 
  5. Skip the complementary foods, such as the breads and chips. 
  6. Share your dessert with a friend. 
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