Since 2011, Live Well Live Atchison has been a vibrant community action group focused on improving the overall health and well-being of Atchison County residents. Our work is organized under four priorities – physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco-free living, and behavioral health. Our aim is to help people feel inspired, capable, motivated, and prepared to improve their health. We want to get people moving more, eating healthier, feeling better, and enjoying more energized lives. LWLA believes that changes to policy systems and environments are the most effective means of promoting and sustaining healthy lifestyles and uses advocacy and education across key sectors to effect these changes.


Our mission is to promote and sustain healthy behaviors through education, community action, and advocacy.


Our vision is to inspire vibrant and thriving communities within the Atchison area.

What We Do

Specifically, we encourage people to

  • Get active. Walk, bike, play outside–just get moving.
  • Eat healthier. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and less processed food. Cook at home and use whole foods.
  • Reduce/eliminate tobacco use.
  • Refrain from underage drinking and youth prescription-drug misuse.
  • Get happy and be connected. We’re social beings and when we’re connected to neighbors, friends, family, and community organizations, well-being and happiness increase.

We strive to accomplish these goals by engaging with the community through community policy, schools, healthcare, workplaces, restaurants, and food retailers.

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kids yoga


  • Accountability
  • Supporting families in all their forms
  • Forward thinking
  • Respect for community
  • Education
  • Everyone is valuable

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for financial and organizational decisions as well as the advisement of the Live Well Live Atchison director.

  • President – Jeff Schuele
  • Vice-President – Lindsey Hansen
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Jacque Pregont
  • Facilitator-Aggie Asher

Other Board Members:

  • John Jacobson
  • Kate Werring
  • Lorin Affeld
  • Ryan Moody
  • Sean Crittendon

Executive Director:
Andrea Clements

We can’t do it alone. . .

It takes a  wide variety of community partners, working in collaboration, to truly impact the health and wellness of Atchison County.